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Male sexual performance is the cornerstone of the self-confidence of a man; therefore sexual impotence and penis size are some of the biggest concerns among male population. The team of experts and scientists which have developed Vimax formula have worked very hard to deliver a product capable of providing permanent and effective results regarding male enhancement.

For many years women have said that “size is not important, all that matters is motion”. However, a great number of surveys have revealed a different opinion. It has been found that penis girth and length play an important role at the time of enjoying a pleasurable sexual intercourse. In the past there was the belief that penis size couldn’t change, however, recent medical investigations have proven that there are certain elements which can enhance the girth and length of the penis. These elements have been included on Vimax formula, and they have the required capacity to fight against male impotence too.

Daily situations and concerns and certain diseases and medicines have negative incidence on the sexual performance of a man, producing sometimes lack of sexual desire or impotence; ingredients of Vimax have been carefully selected to restore the natural sexual desire on men and to provide the best sexual performance.

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  • Increased penis length and penis girth.
  • Enhanced male sexual performance and enhanced male sexual desire.
  • Harder and long lasting erections.
  • One hundred percent natural ingredients, which makes Vimax a safe product for costumers of all ages.
  • Permanent and effective results, which makes Vimax different from other products available on the market.
  • No side effects associated, due to the special selection of ingredients of high quality.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • The guarantee of receiving a high quality product developed by a team with eleven years of experience in the field and with the best professional preparation.

Enlarge your penis size

Vimax: the most effective natural male enhancer! Most of the time men are affected by a lack of confidence due to the size of penis, this lack of confidence is reflected on the decrement of quality of their sexual performance, and therefore an insecure man is incapable of fulfilling the sexual needs of his partner. This becomes a vicious cycle which seems to have no solution. On the other hand, surveys related to male sexual performance have revealed that at least fifty percent of women have to fake their orgasms, mostly because the “average length” of penis, which is of about six inches when it is erect, does not satisfy the needs of most women. It has been found that preferred penis length is between seven and eight inches, and preferred girth is between six and seven inches.

There are many factors which have incidence on the size of the penis, like racial factors, men from African countries like Ethiopia or Sudan seem to be the most well-proportioned, followed by men of countries like Brazil and Mexico. However, thanks to Vimax, any man can have now the desired penis size without having to resort to painful methods like surgical procedures, enhancing male sexual performance has never been as secure and easy as it is with Vimax.

Results reported by satisfied customers include a considerable increment of sexual endurance and desire during just the first four weeks, an increased enhancement on sexual fulfillment and performance all through sexual intercourse as greater contentment with the size of penis on a flaccid state after the first five weeks, from the ninth week quality erections and more sexual pleasure for the partner. Best results can be achieved if Vimax is taken at least thirty minutes before sexual intercourse.

Many would say that there are other methods to enhance the size of penis like weights or surgery; however they may carry disadvantages which are not associated to Vimax. Weights use traction to increase penis length, which implies to pull a part of the body (in this case the penis) for a while so the body part adjusts to the change by means of incrementing its size. However, any mistake on the application of this method and tissues might become damaged on the process hindering the normal development of an erection and therefore decreasing the quality of male sexual performance. A surgical procedure on the other hand involves its own risks and inconveniences, on the first place not everyone can afford to a surgery due to the elevated costs, and postoperative complications reported by many men who have been affected by them do not offer a good perspective regarding sexual performance improvement.

Therefore, considering the implications of the different methods for penis size increment, the most effective and secure method for increasing penis size is Vimax. It has been formulated with natural ingredients such as Seman Cuscutae and Dodder seed which have been clinically tested to ensure a quality combination that provides permanent and effective results without the complications associated to other methods.

Succesful stories

First of all I want to thank for the chance I’ve been given to share my experience with Vimax with everyone. For many years I was very concerned about the size of my penis. I have been on a stable relationship for a year by now, and although my partner used to tell me that she was satisfied with the size of my penis, I was sure that I wasn’t fulfilling all her needs. Just a few months ago I heard about Vimax and the benefits it offered regarding penis size, although I was a little bit skeptical, I thought that since it was a natural product, I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a try, and just a few weeks later I began to notice a slight increment of the length and girth of my penis, even though it wasn’t erect. I also noticed how my girlfriend began to enjoy even more our sexual intercourse, which has become more intense and passionate. My girlfriend and I are finally enjoying the sexual life we always wanted, and all thanks to Vimax!

Steve C., Michigan


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If for any reason you do not feel contented with the results provided by the product, you can return the bottles within sixteen days after the date you received them, to receive your refund.


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